How to Promote Blog Posts: 200+ Ideas from Eight Experts

February 17, 2014

Company blogs have become virtually essential, and very powerful, component of digital marketing. In addition to their SEO benefits and role in maximizing web presence for brands, blogs produce sales and leads. According to recent research, more than half (52%) of consumers say blogs have impacted their purchase decisions; and 57% of marketers say they’ve acquired new customers with their blogs.

But creating and maintaining a successful blog takes more than just producing helpful and original content; as social media expert Heidi Cohen recently wrote, “The most epic content will FAIL without content distribution. If no one sees your content, what good is it?”

So, once you’ve created great content, how do you get it “out there”? Which content promotion tools are most useful? Which blog post promotion tactics are most effective? Is it still worthwhile to get listed in blog directories, and if so, which ones?

Find the answers to these questions and more here among hundreds of recommendations about tools, tactics and techniques to promote blog posts.

25 Easy Ways to Promote Your Blog by Kim Garst

Kim GarstKim Garst shares a list she’s compiled of “strategies that will help you promote your blog and drive traffic to your website,” such as promoting posts to your email list, commenting on other blogs, participating in industry forums, creating a Slideshare based on a post, and buying “cheap banner ads on niche sites.”

50 Experts Reveal How to Promote Your Blog with Just 3 Tools by clambr
***** 5 STARS

Richard MarriottRichard Marriott curates answers from 50 (actually 53) experts on which tools they would use to promote their blog content if they could only use three. Among the tools mentioned are Buffer, Triberr, Wistia, Facebook, and several others; but according to this group of experts, the three most helpful tools are…(read the post).

120 Marketing Tactics for Blogs [Infographic] by Customer Think
***** 5 STARS

Pam DyerPam Dyer outlines five steps for creating a successful blog—from understanding your goals to using marketing tactics to create visibility—then showcases an infographic illustrating 120 blog marketing tactics, from social networks to eBooks to PR to video, contests, “egobait” and forum posting.

How I promote my new blog posts by The Social Media Hat

Mike AltonMike Alton updates a detailed post about post promotion, helpfully advising readers not only how to promote their blog posts but also which tactics to avoid or drop, as they are no longer effective; for example, regarding social sharing sites, “The New MySpace no longer allows link sharing. And I have dropped Bebo and Diigo and Viadeo.”

25 Smart Ways to Promote Your Latest Blog Post by Rebekah Radice
***** 5 STARS

Rebekah RadicePinterest diva Rebekah Radice here outlines more than two dozen tactics for promoting posts, from social networks to blogger communities like Triberr, Social Buzz Club and Viral Content Buzz, to manual and automated social bookmarking sites.

25 Tactics to Promote Your Blog via Facebook and Twitter by Heidi Cohen

Heidi CohenHeidi Cohen serves up more than two dozen tips for promoting your blog through social media, among them: writing “regular features responding to your audience’s needs and interests;” including sidebar links that make it easy for readers to follow you on Facebook and Twitter (and other social networks, as applicable): and thanking people for sharing your posts.

50 Ways to Promote and Market your Blog Posts by
***** 5 STARS

Samuel PusteaGuest author Samuel Pustea suggests more than four dozen ways to promote blog posts, from the big social networks to newer tools like Pinterest, Triberr, Pligg and to RSS directory posting, infographics and guest blogging.

Active RSS and Blog Directories List by Buzzkeep

Arvid LindeAs Arvid Linde notes here, there were once hundreds of blog directories across the web—but most existed solely for “spam purposes.” This post provides a short list of 43 still-active, reasonably high-quality directories that can actually drive traffic, even if the links no longer have much SEO benefit.

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  1. Tom, you are incredible. Inspired by you, I’ve now nearly become an Evernote addict (I said nearly). I’m bookmarking #RockHot posts like this one to share another day and keep this treasure alive an kicking.

    You’re a total marvel at these impeccably tailored lists. I’m not clear how you’ve mastered this, but you get another #RockHot for being so generous.

    Always, my best in awe. ~Jayme (Shucks, that was kinda like a mushy Valentine, wasn’t it?)

  2. Tom–

    Thank you for including me.

    Another critical point to remember is that you don’t need to call your blog a blog.

    Happy marketing,
    Heidi Cohen

  3. Hello Tom,

    Thanks so much for including me! :)


  4. Tom 

    You’re most welcome Pam, great stuff! I always learn from you.

  5. Tom 

    No worries Heidi, and great point. Content needs to be promoted regardless of format. Your guidance on this was very valuable (as always).

  6. Tom 

    Jayme – thanks, you made my day. :-)

    I’ve got a few more in draft stage, so I guess I’ll keep your Evernote busy for a while.

  7. Samuel 


    Again, thanks for including me with all the other awesome folks.

    I just wanted to help those who might be out of ideas on how to promote their posts.

    – Samuel

  8. Tom 

    No worries Samuel, and ditto! Hopefully this post gives bloggers enough ideas to last a while.

  9. Love these links Tom! Definitely showed me some posts and advice I hadn’t seen before.

  10. Tom 

    Thanks Kelsey, glad to hear it! Big fan of Search Engine Journal. It’s been highlighted here one or twice… :-)

  11. Ruck 

    Tom, thank you for putting this together. I’ve visited this post every evening for the last 3 nights to take in all the information from everyone. And thank you to all who contributed, this post is a staple for EVERY blogger.

  12. Tom 

    Hi Ruck, thanks for the positive feedback! It is a lot of information to take in, but these are some of the top experts in the field. If you have a few more evenings to kill, check out 28 of the Best Business Blogging Guides and Tips of 2013.

  13. Magnificent submit, very informative. I simply question what’s your link with those experts. Keep posting. I’m confident, you’ve an excellent readers’ base already! Thanks Tom! :)

  14. Tom 

    Thanks Korah! My link is that I showcase their bookmark-worthy content. And learn from it. :-)

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