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  1. does anyone challenge this stuff. Here the Ideal tweet length for retweeting is 120-130 characters? What 130 characters? #comeonman too long. 100 is the limit.

    I’m 55 years old, in the 80s when political organizations that were fabricated as a policy front, the opponents would question survey sample, methodology, etc. Now we turn any “data point” into a graphic to dress up a blog post.

    It’s getting silly my friends – (to be said out loud in the voice of the most interesting man in the world) stay thirsty for information not data

  2. Yes Albert, you just did. :-)

    A few of these statistics are questionable (and I question them, as you’ll note). I also link back to the original source so readers can make their own judgments.

    Do 39% of b2b companies blog, or 77%? It makes a difference. I suspect the questions asked were different, but still…

    You advice is well taken, my friend. If a number doesn’t look quite right, go back to the source and ask questions.

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