The Nifty 50 Makes the Local News, Sort of

May 5, 2011

The good news, particularly for the Minnesota-based Tweeters highlighted in The Nifty 50 Top Women of Twitter for 2011, is that the list was highlighted in a morning news segment on WCCO, the Minneapolis CBS affiliate:

On the other hand, the piece doesn’t actually cite the blog name (Webbiquity) or identify Cheryl Burgess or me (we are “well-known marketing bloggers” which is flattering, but…). Now, the focus of the #Nifty50 post was to showcase 50 remarkable women on Twitter, not promote the blog, but still–if you’re going to tell your viewers about a blog post, wouldn’t you think the name of the blog is important to mention?

No big deal. It was early in the morning. The folks at Channel 4 are a great group of people. Mike Binkley is a good guy. Still, I’ll have to give @DeRushaJ some grief over this. :-)

In fairness, the news team did provide a link to the #Nifty50 post under “WCCO Mornings” on the CBS Minnesota website. Pretty cool.

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