What is Webbiquity? How to Be Everywhere Online

Welcome to Webbiquity! What exactly is that? Briefly, Webbiquity, or web presence optimization (WPO for those who prefer TLA’s), is the fusion of SEO, social media, interactive PR, online reputation management and other disciplines to make an individual or organization ubiquitous on the web for their name/brand and unique descriptive phrase. If SEO is about getting your website onto page one of Google, WPO is about owning that page.

For example, Jill Konrath is webbiqitous for the phrase “selling to big companies,” holding all 10 spots on the front page of Google for that phrase. The results include her website, blog, a link to her book of that title on Amazon, and articles she’s written. Ardath Albee is almost as dominant for her unique phrase, “marketing interactions,” placing in 7 of the top 12 spots on Google, including the top four. And if you Google “sales management thought leader” in quotes, six of the top ten spots belong to the same sales leadership guru. Interestingly, a Google search for “world’s largest online bookstore” doesn’t display the most obvious result anywhere on page one. Maybe a company with $20 billion in sales and a $600 million annual marketing budget doesn’t need webbiquity, but smaller enterprises without Super Bowl-size advertising budgets can certainly benefit from it.

From a historical perspective, the web a decade ago (or even a bit less) was still primarily a broadcast medium with limited inactivity. Although in theory anyone could own a website even then, the web presence of most commercial organizations was limited to their own websites and whatever had been written about them by professional publishers and analysts, plus a few directory listings. The last few years have, of course, seen the emergence of social media and an explosion of user-generated content. A company’s website is now only one of myriad places where customers, buyers and other interested parties can find information about it.

This new environment has created the conditions for web presence optimization: using all of the tools now available to make a company as “findable” as possible not only for branded searches but also for key phrases that uniquely describe the enterprise and its offerings. Using these tools properly means not only dominating search, but also presenting a clear and consistent message across channels, wherever buyers or industry influencers may find you.

Elements of Web Presence OptimizationSpecifically, web presence optimization is about achieving webbiquity using the tools show in this diagram, including social networking, social bookmarking, blogging, interactive PR, video and content marketing to disseminate the company’s message as broadly as possible. Just as importantly, companies need to maximize the search value of these different tools and platforms by taking advantage of the linking and cross-linking opportunities they provide.

So, for example, social media releases–part of interactive PR efforts–point readers to company microsites and its media sharing (images, video, presentations etc.). Media sharing accounts are connected to Twitter, which is also used to promote content marketing. Reputation management sites point the organization’s Twitter account as well as social networking profiles. And everything links back the enterprise’s website and blog.

The end result is that when customers, prospects and influencers (bloggers, journalists, analysts etc.) are looking for information on your industry, they find you everywhere. Your story and messages are bolstered by your webbiquity. You have the opportunity to become a valued resource in your industry. Further, the interactions you have with these various constituencies across social networking and other media platforms demonstrate that your people aren’t just smart, they are also helpful and responsive.

This is obviously a high-level view of the elements of webbiquity. Future posts here will delve more deeply into the tools and tactics that can help you and your company “be everywhere online” for your brand and industry discussions.

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  1. It’s definitely do-able. The keys are time management, spreading the workload, and using automation where possible (e.g. for measurement – NOT for interaction, which can’t be automated).

  2. Hey what a great idea! i have just started getting into internet marketing and i am gathering all the information i can. Good luck with the new website and i will be sure to come back for new updates.


  3. Thanks Stuart. That post is a couple of years old now, but the concept remains fresh. Appreciate the positive feedback!

  4. “From a historical perspective, the web a decade ago (or even a bit less) was still primarily a broadcast medium with limited inactivity. “<—it's pretty insane.
    "This new environment has created the conditions for web presence optimization: "<—really think this will be the term to replace SEO.

  5. Hi, could someone answer me how to create social presence online for topics which are not that popular in social media circles. I know that a funny Justin Bieber video works, but how do I get my website on hair color wheels and charts out there? No SEO seems to work for me.

  6. Is your focus on SEO or social? From an SEO standpoint, hair coloring is an extremely popular topic, so getting high organic ranking will be a challenge. I’d recommend using the Google Keyword tool to try to identify relevant keyword phrases that get decent search volume but aren’t terribly competitive. On the social side, find and follow people talking about this topic (e.g. by using Twitter’s internal search function) then jump into the conversation!

  7. Rank of any keyword can not be separated seo. The role of the seo can not be ignored. If you want to improve your website ranking, to hire a full-time seo staff is very necessary

  8. No argument there Sally, the point is just that SEO alone is no longer sufficient. Being as “findable” as possible when buyers are looking requires coordinated SEO, social media, PR and content development efforts.

  9. Nice blog,I would subscribe and have into practice from next moment.I am working as SEO and this will be helpful for me. Thanks Tom for sharing the information.

  10. Great blog ! I just discovered it today and I found some good informations concerning SEO and Social Media !

    Your concept of webbiquity have evolved with the new social media like Pinterest or Instagram but basically we are going in the same way !

    Thanks for the tips Tom !

  11. Webbiquity means that any point of presence has value: today it may be Pinterest and Instagram, yesterday it way MySpace, tomorrow it may be…who knows, the new and improved MySpace. The point is to be visible wherever your prospective customers are looking, and that is a very dynamic world.

  12. Great insight about social media and SEO. I always look forward for your blog because it is so updated and deals with the latest in social media marketing techniques. Thanks for your expert tips.

  13. Hi Tom,

    What a great piece of software the webbiquity really is!!

    By the way, I find it very encouraging for myself as somebody who has painfully and embarrassingly struggled to start making money online since 2005.

    So, after my 7 year long disastrous and agonizing drama trying to “unlock the code” of making money online, I am now glad that I’ve got the guts to get up again like Rocky Balboa and finally win the game of earning from multiple streams of income online by means of webbiquity as such a wonderful piece of software that I believe can surely help me harness and leverage the power of the internet and the social media.

    Please, feel free and welcome to visit my personal blog and leave some of your encouraging comments there.

    In advance many thanks.

    Bruno Babic

  14. Thanks for the comment Bruno, but I’m always a bit skeptical of “secrets” to earning big money online. Good luck with that though.

  15. Web presence optimization is a complete Digital marketing guide where every activity does matters. Without WPO, we cannot achieve ROI.