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New Tool to Measure Web Presence Optimization

Monday, January 7th, 2013

As noted here previously, with more than 90% of high-value buying decisions now starting with online research, it’s imperative for companies to be “everywhere” online when buyers are looking for information about what they offer. Web presence optimization (WPO) is the art and science of maximizing online visibility. It’s a super-set of SEO, encompassing owned, earned and paid media, or presence.

Consultants at b2b marketing and PR agency KC Associates have been doing WPO work for clients for nearly three years now. It was apparent early on to those of us on the WPO team that having the proper metrics for tracking and measuring web presence, especially over time, is critical to coordinating PR, SEO, content marketing, social media and advertising efforts to maximize online visibility for clients.

WPO Conversion Rate by Presence Area ChartWhile there are many excellent tools available for social media and PR monitoring, SEO keyword research, website analytics, and other specific functions, there‘s nothing that provides a unified high-level view of web visibility to support strategic decision-making. So the team picked out the best of the “siloed” special purpose tools and built a sort of informal internal dashboard of metrics, many of which are custom, to help facilitate WPO efforts and to provide cohesive reporting for KCA clients.

Just this last fall, I shared information in a blog post about these WPO metrics and KCA published a white paper on the topic as well. That got people talking about WPO, and asking about WPO measurement, which was amplified after this post on the MarketingSherpa blog about the evolution of WPO.

As a result, KCA’s Principal decided to spin-off its WPO intellectual property and commercialize its b2b WPO metrics dashboard through a new, completely independent entity, WPO Inc.

Recognizing the importance of WPO and Webbiquity’s focus on web ubiquity, there will be an ongoing collaboration between the two organizations in order to share even more about WPO as it evolves—its metrics, tools, results, strategies, and more.

You can read more in the official announcement, and both KCA and Webbiquity would love to get your feedback.

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