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June 6, 2012

Time to stuff the ballot box again! MarketingSherpa is once again out to find the best marketing blogs across a range of categories, based on reader votes. The nominating “primaries” are over, and it’s time for the blog-reading public to select the winners.

Vote Blue Focus and Webbiquity - MarketingSherpa Best BlogsNo speeches, no (terribly) controversial positions, no fundraising (thankfully), just your chance to acknowledge your favorite marketing blogs.

So here’s my “voter guide” to the MarketingSherpa slate of candidates, but like any vote, it’s your call. Let you voice be heard! Vote for your favorites today.

Best Email Marketing Blog nominees

I’m partial to Janine Popick so I’d vote for the VerticalResponse blog. But as with every category and entrant here, there are no bad choices!

Best B2B Marketing Blog nominees

Um, Webbiquity, of course!

Best E-Commerce Blog nominees

Ooh, tough call—both really solid choices.

Best Inbound Blog nominees

Okay, now this just isn’t right; this is arguably the most difficult vote of the bunch. Both of these are outstanding inbound marketing blogs. HubSpot needs no introduction, and features remarkable bloggers like Laura Fitton, Peter Caputa and Rebecca Corliss.

Kuno is a real contender in this race though, featuring thought leaders like John McTigue, Chad Pollitt and Duce Knipper (okay, Duce isn’t really big on thought leadership, but he’s cool anyway). I like Kuno as the “underdog,” but wow, you’ve got to go with your gut on this one.

Best Copywriting Blog nominees

Lightning & the Lighting Bug—going with the underdog again.

Best PPC (pay-per-click advertising) Blog nominees

This is a question, seriously? No disrespect to the contenders, but PPC Hero is the standout choice here.

Best SEO (search engine optimization) Blog nominees

inBlurbs. This is a real David vs. Goliath matchup, and I’m pulling for David.

Best Marketing Strategy Blog nominees

No pick here, but no bad choice.

Best Social Media Marketing Blog nominees

I liked the VerticalResponse blog in the email marketing category above, but for social media? No question, the Blue Focus Marketing blog hands-down. Cheryl Burgess and Mark Burgess are a must-read for social media marketing and branding strategy.

Best Viral Marketing Blog nominees

I have to go with Jeff Bullas on this. He’s a perpetual font of knowledge.

Marketing Operations Blog nominees

Another tough pick; I’ll go with Chief Marketing Technologist as I gave the nod to inBlurbsfor best SEO blog above.

Best Design Blog nominees

Both very solid choices, but for website design, Smashing Magazine is really, really good.

Best Optimization Blog nominees

Flip a coin on this one, once again two excellent choices.

There you have it, my sample ballot. Just food for thought. Now go forth and do your patriotic blogging duty—vote for your favorites before the June 18 deadline!

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