Best Search Engine Marketing Tips of 2009, Part 2

April 7, 2010

While more than 80% of companies now use paid search in some form (primarily AdWords), many of these programs are under-optimized and not delivering the results they could be. How can search marketers use techniques like testing and keyword match types to improve results? How important are branded terms in paid search? Does PPC advertising help with branding? How can you use demographic and geographic targeting to improve results? What are the best ways to reduce the bounce rate from landing pages? What’s a “conversion path” and how can you use that knowledge to increase conversion rates?

Best SEM Tips and Tactics of 2009Get the answers to these questions and many others here in more of the best articles and blog posts on search engine marketing (SEM) from the past year.

10 tips for extending paid search growth by iMedia Connection

Noah Elkin walks through how to use testing, match types, ad text optimization and other tactics to improve search marketing success.

Better Targeting = Better Leads — Demographics for SMBs by Search Engine Watch

Carrie Hill explains how to use demographic targeting tools from AdWords, MSN AdCenter and Yahoo to increase conversion rates for b2c search marketing programs.

Back to the PPC Classroom | A Disciplined Approach To Managing A Client Relationship by PPC News & Opinion

For search marketing consultants and agencies, four basic phases and an example of what a monthly report should consist of to keep the client engaged throughout the relationship.

The Importance Of Branded Search Programs (Even in Tough Economic Times) by Search Engine Land

Sami Carroll shows why branded terms are important in both SEO and SEM efforts, along with tactics for maximizing results with a limited budget.

New Research: Paid Search Builds Branding by ClickZ

Kevin Lee reports on a study showing that search increases brand awareness by 6% or more, and points out that, because PPC search marketers pay only for the click, the lift in branding due to the sponsored link is free.

What’s The Real Value of Brand PPC? by Search Engine Journal

Brian Carter uses research and client studies to support the same conclusion reached by Kevin Lee in the post above, and also provides tactical options for maximizing the branding impact of search based on your objectives. Two other noteworthy posts from Brian are 5 Ways to Maximize PPC Impressions, in which he explains how to use bid levels, keyword match types and other tatics to maximize PPC exposure, and The PPC ROI Calculator: How To Forecast And Optimize Your PPC ROI wherein he shows how to maximize the productivity of search marketing programs using an ROI calculator.

Geo-Targeting Basics: A How-To Guide on Setting Up Geo-Targeting in Google, Yahoo and MSN by PPC Hero

A guide to options and techniques for limiting delivery of search marketing ads to a targeted geographic area for local SEM.

Study Confirms Display Ads, Paid Search Work in Concert by MediaPost Online Media Daily

Laurie Sullivan details results of an iProspect study quantifying how “display ads and search work together to provide a bigger impact on campaigns.”

X Marks the Spot! How to Get Listed In Google Local Map Ads by PPC Hero

***** 5 Stars
This post tells how to get a business listed on Google Maps, then goes on to explain the distinction between a map listing and local map ads: “that (map) listing doesn’t reach as many searchers and internet users as one might think.  To broaden your advertising reach, Google created Local Business Ads.  These ads are separate from your traditional campaign-level geo-targeting in AdWords.”

10 tactics for lowering your website’s bounce rate by iMedia Connection

Tom Shapiro explains how to analyze your bounce rate (percentage of people who hit the landing page from a PPC ad then leave your site immediately without taking any further action) and reduce it using keywords, timing, landing page design, navigation, offers, and other elements.

7 Steps to Improving Conversion Rates by Search Engine Guide

Stoney deGeyter provides a seven-step guide to using conversion paths to increase conversion rates.

How to Use Google Wonder Wheel and Related Search Tools for Keyword Research by PPC Hero

Why one of Google’s less-known tools, the Google Wonder Wheel, “is a very helpful and insightful tool for PPC keyword research” and tactics for using it.

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