Myth Busting on Twitter

May 17, 2011

Your Twitter followers really want you to sell to them. You should only tweet your own content. To keep your costs down, it’s best to just automatically tweet all of your press releases and sales messages.

Really? Of course not! But these are only some of the more obviously fallacious beliefs still unfortunately extant in the Twittersphere. Check out more of these erroneous notions (and countervailing truths) in 7 Twitter Myths Busted, my guest post on Arik Hanson’s Communications Conversations blog.

Arik is a Minneapolis-based PR pro who works with big consumer brands, co-founder (along with #Nifty50 recognee Missy Berggren) of the Minnesota Blogger Conference, PRSA member, regular contributor to Mark Ragan‘s PR Daily, and general social media rock star.

So check out the 7 Twitter Myths Busted post, because you never get a second chance to beat a dead horse with a mixed metaphor.

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  1. Great article. I especially agree with what you say about not only posting your own content. It’s important for people to be seen as a legitimate source of valuable information. Only once people have a reputation for being in the know will their followers feel comfortable buying from them, since they will associate the quality of the product with the quality of information.

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