Five Expert Copywriting Tips

February 11, 2011

Writing has always been a demanding vocation, but the challenge of producing copy that stands out and compels people to action in today’s environment of sensory overload is uniquely daunting. Sentences must be short. Ideas must be explicit. Prose must be lucid. Benefits must be explained in a clear and compelling manner using the language of the reader. Flowery copy and “corporate speak” are definitely out the window. Attention is a scarce commodity; you won’t get much of it, so use what you get as well as you can.

Five Expert Writing Tips for the WebBelow are five posts from outstanding writers that will help you write copy that gets found, read, and acted upon.

7 steps to writing killer sales copy by Mike Consol

In this guest post, Patrick Schwerdtfeger outlines the “Motivating Sales Sequence” sales process and how it relates to copy writing, starting with getting their attention (“The opening sentences need to jolt your readers to attention.”) and concluding with a call to action (“Be specific. Explain exactly what you want the reader to do.”).

How to Create Remarkable B2B Content by Savvy B2B Marketing

Stephanie Tilton shares a half-dozen ideas for developing content that stands out from the online clutter, such as showing how your product or service stacks up against the competition: “a majority of tech buyers want content comparing a vendor’s offering to the competition as they get further along in the buying cycle. Yet few companies put out competitive comparisons for public consumption…(many) organizations are averse to taking this step, but the problem is that your prospects are looking for this information. And if you don’t offer it but your competitors do, guess who’ll make the short list of potential vendors.”

SEO As a Copywriting Tool by iMedia Connection

Daniel Flamberg argues that far from being a straitjacket on the competitive process, incorporating SEO keyword research and knowledge into web copyrighting is essential and an opportunity missed if not employed; “Effective key words and phrases can be creative cues for other forms of branded customer engaging messaging. But too few creatives mine the insights from SEO analytics.”

25 SEO copywriting tips and content ideas you can implement today by Success Works

Heather Lloyd-Martin offers an excellent list of tips to keep handy when crafting search-optimized web copy.

How to write for the web: 23 useful rules by eConsultancy

Conceding that “rules are always there to be broken,” Chris Lake nevertheless proceeds to provide 23 rules—or guidelines if you prefer—for successful web writing, including writing the opening paragraph last, keeping sentences short, limiting yourself to one comma per sentence (helps you stick to the previous rule), and following the “wiggly left margin” rule.

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  1. These are some great tips, I’ll be thinking of this article next time I go to write a blog post.. copywriting is not an easy sport, so we can use all the tips we can get!

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