How to Measure Content Marketing Success (Infographic)

July 29, 2013

With more than 90% of companies now doing some form of content marketing, the logical question is: how do you know if you’re doing it well?

In terms of “what” to measure, this infographic from Brandpoint recommends three broad areas to assess:

  • • Awareness (e.g., search engine rank for target keywords,  social metrics such as likes and followers);
  • • Consideration (longer average visit duration, social shares); and
  • • Conversion (increased conversion rate, growth in newsletter subscriptions).

In terms of “how” to measure success, CMOs utilizing a sophisticated web presence optimization framework for maximizing content marketing results will likely embrace tools for measuring competitive multi-channel marketing metrics—not just “are we making progress?” but also “how are we doing compared to our competitors?”

Among the other interesting statistics from the infographic:

  • • 93% of “online experiences” (e.g., “considered purchases”) begin with search.
  • • 75% of searchers won’t look beyond the first page of results.
  • • Nearly two-thirds (65%) of prospective buyers learn about new products and services through social media.
  • • 61% of people say they trust companies that deliver custom content.
  • v39% of all customers come from search.
  • • 77% of b2c companies have acquired a customer through Facebook (not surprising) as have 41% of all b2b companies (very surprising).

What are your takeaways?


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10 Responses

  1. Let’s try this again. Just wanted to say that for the 40% of B2B business to attract clients using Facebook, these businesses must either be mostly services-based or more like individuals. It’s a large statistic otherwise.

  2. Tom 

    Agreed, that figure surprised me. I have seen Facebook be effective (at least at generating interaction) for b2b firms who get their employees involved in causes. But this isn’t 40%.

  3. 65% of people learn about new products from social media? Good god. That’s astounding. The impact on advertising and marketing for more traditional companies must be huge. Great read, and the infographic is very well done.

  4. Tom 

    Thanks Jon. Yes, it certainly emphasizes the importance of “earned” vs “paid” media.

  5. Love this infographic! I am quite shocked at the conversion figures through Facebook. Facebook is a great platform for businesses to utilise to boost brand awareness and engage with audiences but I wouldn’t have thought the figure would be that high.

  6. Tom 

    Hi Karly – I was surprised by that at well. I suspect there may be some sample bias in there. There is also significant variation in conversion rates by industry. Still, interesting.

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