Best Web and Landing Page Design Tips of 2009

April 14, 2010

Discover beautiful site designs inspired by nature, mind-blowing microsites, and beautiful icon sets. Find out how to make landing pages work harder and increase conversion rates. Learn which attributes to double-check before launching a new site, mortal web design sins to avoid, and how to create a custom 404 error page. Yes, you’ll see all of this and more here in the best website and landing page design tips and techniques of the last year.

Thesis Tutorial – Customizing the 404 Page by SugarRae

Rae Hoffman provides step-by-step instructions for creating a custom 404 error page in the WordPress Thesis template, and includes a link to 100 awesome and creative 404 error pages for inspiration.

Best Web and Landing Page Design Tips of 200915 Essential Checks Before Launching Your Website by Smashing Magazine

Lee Munroe offers a helpful to-do list before launching a new website, taking care of tasks such as optimizing titles and meta tags, proofreading, checking the site in different browsers, double-checking all links and installing analytics.

Must-have features your website is missing by iMedia Connection

Reid Carr recommends a succinct value proposition, the ability to compare your offerings with competitors, content-sharing capability, personalization and other features to make your website work harder.

149 Mortal Sins That Will Send Your Site to Web Design Hell by Web Pages That Suck

Vincent Flanders supplies an outstanding checklist to help avoid having a bad website, such as “Logo is not on the top of every page and clicking it doesn’t lead to the home page,” “Our site uses cheap clip art instead of high-quality web graphics” and “The content is not understandable by humans and is full of marketing-speak, or jargon, or unexplained acronyms.”

10 Great B-to-B Sites by BtoB Magazine

Karen J. Bannan give examples of 10 excellent b2b websites that meet the test of providing “visitors clear, concise product and company information, reflecting a company’s brand consistently and engaging users in a conversation—whether it’s about an industry trend or about how to take the next step toward a making a purchase.”

20 Incredible Illustrative Site Designs Inspired by Nature by Design Reviver

A display of “20 Incredible Illustrative Site Designs Inspired by Nature that are sure to get your creative juices flowing” including Studio 7 Designs, Viget Labs and meomi.

10 mind-blowing microsites by iMedia Connection

Fred Brown enumerates six differences between corporate websites and microsites (e.g. scope, clutter and budget), then shares 10 outstanding microsite designs from companies like Taser and Red Bull.

50 (fresh) Beautiful and High-quality Free Icon Sets by Dzine Blog

50 very cool icon sets for a variety of purposes from food and music to antiques and electronics.

Simple fixes for floundering websites by iMedia Connection

Linda Eskin advises businesses to “take a little time first to handle simple issues that make such a big difference to your customers” then provides six steps to “help you discover how your new site can better serve your customers, and therefore your business,” such as listening to your customers, getting your whole team involved and testing everything.

10 Easy Ways to Optimize Your PPC Landing Pages & Increase Conversions by PPC Hero

10 common but often overlooked tips for increasing land page conversions, including using minimal navigation, keeping important information above the fold, and keeping your contact form as short as possible.

5 ways to make your site’s contact form work harder by iMedia Connection

Noting that “forms are often the first step in creating the ever-elusive long-term relationship with potential customers,” Chris Lucas shares tips for making landing page contact forms as effective as possible.

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