Tips to Make Your Email Marketing Messages Matter This Summer

July 21, 2010

Guest post by Ajay Goel.

It’s that time again – the dog days of summer for email marketers when recipients are eager to trade in the cold blue hue of their computers for some warm summer rays. When more emails will go unopened, because chances are, recipients are either away on vacation, preparing for vacation, or simply wanting to be on vacation!

Ahh, summer on the lakeSo how can you make your email marketing messages matter to office workers counting the minutes before happy hour on sidewalk patios? Or busy moms and dads whisking their kids from one outdoor activity to the next? Email marketing service JangoMail came up with some tips you may find helpful.

  • • Tap into how your products will make summer activities even more fun. Barbeques, campfires, hiking trips—each presents an opportunity to reach out to recipients with deals on food, apparel, cookery and other products your recipients already want.
  • • Keep your messages breezy and brief. Emphasize warm and cheerful photos and images over text. Make your text large and colorful. Papyrus’ photo of a small girl stretching on a pristine beach immediately draws one in, reminding us to celebrate life—and buy cards for those birthdays, weddings, and showers!
  • • Hook into the viral effect of email by offer up great summer deals. Include built-in incentives for recipients to share your coupons as Six Flags Great Adventure did for its “buy one, get one free” campaign.
  • • You don’t need to be Coppertone to reach people during the summer months. Even B2B companies can “summer-up” as Alcatel-Lucent did when touting application enablement, with one image featuring the words “open has value” floating over a woman relaxing on a green, inviting field.
  • • If possible, emphasize events recipients can go to. Whether it’s a sale or trade show, hone in on the social elements – create a visual picture of the food, drink, service and good times with others they can expect. They want to get out of the house or office anyway. Show them why they should come to you when they do.
  • • And don’t forget! Take advantage of your reporting and analytics to track how your recipient behaviors are changing with the season. Are they opening your messages earlier in the day? Are they opening them at all? Capturing the essence of the summer also means adjusting to the season’s pace. Your recipients will show you how.

Ajay Goel is CEO of JangoMail, an email marketing company that helps businesses reach customers and prospects in a highly reliable and personalized way.

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  1. Gloria 

    Hi, your post seems very cool in this hot summer!
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  2. Tom 

    Thanks Gloria, that sounds like a resource worth checking into.

  3. I think You have problem with images on Chrome. BTW, like your post

  4. Dan 

    Hi Ajay, If only the summer were around the corner now! we’re just coming to the end of winter and response rates are picking up again after the Christmas break which can make any email marketer’s life difficult in the B2B arena.

  5. Enjoyed your article. Your last point about studying your email statistics is really valid, as it is there you learn so much about your effectiveness. I recently posted an article on my blog that is on same subject. Would love to get your comments. The link is

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